Chamomile Tea – The World’s Healthiest Sedative!

CHAMOMILE As I was coming up with the absolute best herbs and spices for anti-aging, wellness, and health, I overlooked Chamomile as just a mild tea that relaxes you before bed. However, I gave it a little more research because I drink it nearly every day, and I am currently drinking a cup of chamomile […]



I decided to the right this chapter about all of the green herbs because they are all so healthy and each promote wellness and disease prevention in their own ways. It would be a lie to say that any one of these herbs is much better than the other because each of these plants has […]


L – Carnitine – A super powerful supplement for burning fat and anti-aging!

L – CARNTINE   If there was ever a safe non- stimulant chemical compound that was perfect for burning fat, increasing your metabolism, and in turn improving your chance of a longer life, L – Carnitine would be the one. While not a true amino-acid, l- carnitine functions just like one and is a product […]


80%+ Dark Chocolate! – The universe’s tastiest health food!!!

DARK CHOCOLATE (COCOA)   Cocoa is an incredible herb which can be a very important part of your day to day health and wellness lifestyle. Cocoa was drunken as a bitter yet tasty beverage for centuries in central America where the cocoa plant grows naturally. When Spain discovered the new world and brought the exotic […]

#Chamomile The World's Best Natural sedative! Drink this to soothe your stress! Get rid of your perscription!

Could exposure to lead in the second and third trimester be connected to autism?

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