Welcome to Forager,

Through our meal planning app, blog, books, and work, Forager is dedicated to making sense of the endless information we are bombarded with in the modern world.

Believing that true fulfillment lies beyond modern materialistic technology and lifestyles, Forager aims to guide people towards a balanced and healthy life free of addiction and disease.

Understanding that our minds and bodies exist in an environmental mismatch, Forager aims to help people get in tune with the perspectives our ancestors had 100s of generations ago without disowning modern day lifestyles and technology. While we can travel across the planet in one day, enjoy diversity of foods from all cultures, and live a life of relative health and safety, this cultural progress has led to widespread societal problems that threaten the individual and potentially the earth as a whole.

Diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and auto-immune conditions along with moderate ailments such as chronic fatigue and migraines are all increasing in societies who adopt the “western” way of life.  Depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses are also on the rise globally, and it seems that the more “progress” we make the more precarious the situation for the people who reside on this planet is. In fact, it seems that as we become more sedentary and unhealthy as a people, the earth itself becomes more polluted and societal unrest increases day by day.

Forager understands that the health of the human mind and body is intimately connected with the health of society and the planet as a whole. We aim to help the people of this planet adopt healthier, and more vibrant lives like those of peoples who lives thousands of years ago who studied the stars, ate foods off the land, and enjoyed close relationships with the tribe of people around them, without giving up the modern world that agriculture, industrialization, the internet, and technology has given us.

By living healthier, being fitter, happier, and more consious we can use the modern way of life to our advantage, and create a world that is sustainable into the future but also much more fulfilling for the individual in the present.


ForagerPro, the meal planner, is a meal planning app developed by Forager which shows you how to burn fat and get healthy fast by using the whole foods we were designed to eat. Whether you are paleo, vegan, a bodybuilder, or a foodie, ForagerPro meal plans show you WHAT to eat and HOW MUCH to eat for each meal of the day, so you can diet like a pro immediately!

Our plans are based around whole foods and balanced meals so as you diet are filled with healthy food, energy, and learn how to design meals that keep you healthy for life! Along with showing you how to create a balanced meal, ForagerPro also gives you supplements to optimize your health and fat burning, as well as guidelines to make your diet easier. ForagerPro is a personal nutritionist in your pocket which gives you an empowering reason to look into your smartphone.

Download ForagerPro on your iPhone or Android device and to get started burning fat and getting healthy with a forager meal plan!


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Forager was founded by John Schmidt of Berkeley California